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Buying tips

Buying real estate is a big step. There's a lot to consider:


  • Is it the right time to buy over renting?
  • How much research do I need to do?
  • How would I go about making an offer?


And those are just a few of the major concerns!


Have a read of our essential buying guide to help put your mind at ease over the buying process.


Queenstown real estate


Do you need a buyer's agent?

In short, the answer is no - you don't need to use a buyer's real estate agent. You're entitled to carry out your search, contact sellers (or their agent) and complete contracts and paperwork yourself.

However, we know that buyers usually hugely benefit from and greatly appreciate help from a real estate consultant, and these are the reasons why:


  • First access to new properties

In a fast-moving market like Queenstown, many properties will be sold before you have time to say "Can I view it?" But real estate agents hear about new listings before anyone else from their colleagues and network of sellers, so they can pass that information on to you and arrange inspections for you first. This first-access to new listings is a huge benefits for property buyers and it'll definitely put you ahead of the game.


  • Faster success

Many buyers view open homes every weekend but spend months searching for their dream home. With a knowledgeable Queenstown real estate agent, you can hone in on your requirements and dedicate your time to homes that truly offer potential for you. It makes for much more efficient use of time, you're less likely to become exhausted and you're more likely to find something that suits your needs more quickly.


  • Vital market knowledge

Agents offer expansive market knowledge and insight into the current property purchasing climate. Here in Queenstown, we can help you decipher the language and laws of New Zealand property, use our experienced real estate intuition and negotiation skills to get you the best result and offer insight as to what a certain property should be selling for.


  • Experience at auction

Many buyers cite real estate agents' experience and familiarity with the auction process as a huge benefit. Auctions can be daunting if you're new to them and buyers often find themselves outbid or outmanoeuvred. Real estate agents can bid on your behalf, play the auction game (so to speak) and advise you on the best technique to win the bidding contest.


  • Professional contacts

Real estate agents have contacts in all industries related to buying and selling property. We have trusting relationships with local building inspectors, builders, mortgage and financial advisors, photographers, home stagers, interior designers, maintenance people and more, and we can pass those benefits over to you.