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Our auction advantage

Auctions are extremely effective in a seller's market - that is, when demand outstrips supply.


Queenstown has been a seller's market for some time now and it's caused our auction success to sky-rocket. It's become the method of choice for real estate sellers here - it should 100 per cent be the first method anyone should consider when they come to sell their property. All experts know it's the best way to achieve a premium sale result in a quick timeframe.


At Harcourts, our in-house auction team offers a distinct advantage in the real estate world. Auctions are held in our high-profile showroom on Queenstown's busiest street (right opposite Ferg Burger) and our auctioneers have called more than 1,500 auctions in this region, giving them unparalleled expertise in working closely with sellers, exciting buyers and landing an amazing sale result.


We are strong advocates of the auction process and we're with you all the way. We know taking your property to auction can be nerve-wracking and daunting but, if you haven't been through it before, rest assured that we have. We're 100 per cent on your side, we'll work hard to get the results you want and we're here to offer support and guidance as you sell your most important asset.


queenstown property auction
In-house auctioneer Richard Stringer in action in our busy Queenstown showroom
auction queenstown
Harcourts Queenstown in-house auctioneer John Petre in action

Why go to auction?

  • Control

You set the reserve price, terms, conditions and auction date to ensure you don't settle for anything less than a result you're happy with.


  • Sense of urgency

The restricted timeframe of an auction day encourages buyers to come to a decision more quickly.


  • Unconditional offers

Interested parties must be serious and any bids made on the day are guaranteed.


  • True market value

The process of public negotiation allows buyers to determine your property's true value - it's worth as much as they are willing to pay for it.


  • Buyer competition

Auctions tap into people's competitive nature, giving you the best chance of achieving a premium price.


  • Heightened marketing

With a deadline in mind, marketing plans are formulated to maximise exposure over a short timeframe.


  • In-house auction team

Our experienced auctioneers have called thousands of property auctions - they know how to get results.


Harcourts Guide to Selling at Auction

selling at auction
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