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Home Staging

Why we do it

We stage homes because we know it helps you achieve a faster sale and a higher price for your Queenstown real estate.


It's part and parcel of our dedication to delivering the best possible results for you. We know that the presentation of a property is a key influencer for buyers. They need to be able to visualise themselves living there, and they need to see attractive living spaces, comfortable bedrooms and sleek kitchens and bathrooms.


With a well-presented home, you're well on your way to a higher than expected real estate result.

How we do it

We start by assessing the type of real estate you're selling and identifying the key demographic of buyers who are likely to be interested. From there, we source furniture and key pieces that will appeal to their lifestyle. This helps them visualise themselves living in the property with their own furniture around them.


If your property is currently empty, we'll add chairs and sofas, beds and other simple and attractive pieces of furniture to make it feel like it's been lived in and loved. If your home is already furnished, we help you neaten up and cut down on clutter before adding flowers and statement pieces to finish the look.


We move all furniture and decoration ourselves in our hands-on approach to staging your home. We know it'll help maximise your sale so, for us, it's 100 per cent worth doing and we're happy to offer this normally expensive service at no extra cost to yourself.

Before and after in Fernhill

queenstown home presentation
queenstown home presentation