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We believe that with a well thought out and expertly executed marketing plan, Queenstown real estate will sell at an excellent value. We carefully consider the methods of marketing for each property we encounter in a tailored plan geared towards achieving your goals.


The Harcourts Bluebook


The Bluebook is arguably Harcourts's strongest and most effective real estate marketing tool. We have a regional Bluebook for the Queenstown Lakes and Central Otago area which has a circulation of more than 20,000 local people. We hand-deliver it to countless homes and businesses, so it lives in living rooms, doctor's surgeries, dentist's, tax and lawyers' offices, cafes and many other places, giving your property huge exposure to the widest local audience.


Published quarterly, each Bluebook has a life of 12 weeks and is available online to both national and international real estate buyers.


We may be able to offer discounted rates for our clients so get in touch to enquire about featuring in Otago's best agency-produced publication.




We know that buyers are starting their search for Queenstown real estate online: the digital space is the first place we can find them. We carefully prepare our online listings and optimise them for search engines. All listings feature on the Harcourts NZ website, which has almost 100 per cent more online users than any other real estate brand in New Zealand, as well as the Harcourts Queenstown website.


We value social media and are active on Facebook and Twitter, promoting our properties, providing valuable information for our followers and targeted specific audiences with our listings.




Harcourts Digital Plus


Harcourts Digital Plus is the newest technological advancement in real estate, and Harcourts is proud to be the only real estate brand using such technology in New Zealand. The proven targeting is so powerful that 1 in 10 of the audience clicks through to your listing. With a target audience size of 5,000 people, that’s 500 people seeing your property and, crucially, 500 people who are actively searching for a home like yours.


Click here to see the full Digital Plus datasheet.


Photography and videography


Professional photographs don't speak a thousand words - they speak a million!  Great photography is essential for any real estate listing. It makes your space look bigger, maximises your natural light and accentuates those famous Queenstown lake and mountain views. We work closely with several renowned property photographers who perfectly capture the essence of your property and our in-house graphic designer is able to edit, overlay and design images as needed.


We also use skilled videographers to film virtual tours of our real estate listings. These are an excellent offering for helping buyers get a great feel of your home and it increases the likelihood of attending open homes and viewings.


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